Đồng hồ đo áp suất Miljoco LP2507L270 USA

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2.5 Dial Size, 0-200 Range, 40 Fig. (PSI), 2 Div. (PSI). The Miljoco low pressure diaphragm gauge offers the pinnacle in both performance and accuracy for pressure and vacuum applications up to and including 10 psi. Such uses include gas-draft indication, air flow & filtration, leak detection, etc. The LP2507/LP2507L is constructed from a single beryllium-copper diaphragm affixed to a precisionmachined brass plate. This advanced design, coupled with a high-precision, milled-teeth brass movement and nickelsilver pinion and bearing surface, provides the user with a low pressure instrument that is without equal.


CASE: Drawn steel, black finished.
LENS: Polycarbonate, quarter-turn.
DIAL: Aluminum, white finished with black markings.
POINTER: Black non-adjustable.
MOVEMENT: Brass with precision-milled teeth.
DIAPHRAGM: Beryllium copper.
SOCKET: Brass.
CONNECTION: 1/4″ NPT, bottom outlet.
RESTRICTOR: 0.013 restrictor on ranges over 10 H2O.
ACCURACY: 1.5% Full Scale (exceeds ASME B40.100
Grade B). Ranges below 30 H2O are 3-1-3%.
PROCESS TEMPERATURE: -40 to 160 degrees F (-40 to 70 degrees C).
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to 60 degrees C).

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